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Pocket Retro Go

Pocket Retro Go™ Elite

Pocket Retro Go™ Elite

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15,000 Retro Games in Your Pocket!

Endless Fun

🎮Explore 15,000 classic games on-the-go. Enjoy platformers, RPGs, fighters, and more from your childhood.

🎮Relive retro adventures with vibrant visuals and rich colors on the 3.5-inch IPS display.

🎮The Pocket Retro Elite R36s may be pocket-sized, but it's a real powerhouse with a quad-core processor and 1.5GB of RAM for top-notch gaming.

Relive. Rediscover.

Pure Nostalgia!

Take a trip down memory lane with the Pocket Retro Go Elite R36s retro handheld game console! This powerful little device packs a whopping 15,000 games into its compact design, so you can play all your favorites from the golden age of gaming anywhere you go.

Play Anywhere, Anytime!

Retro Perfect

🎮Play All Day: The long-lasting battery keeps you gaming for hours on end. No more scrambling for a charger in the middle of a boss fight.

🎮Pocket Retro R36s: Ideal for on-the-go gaming with a compact design and comfortable controls.

🎮Easy to Use: The intuitive interface lets you jump right in and start playing your favorite games. No complicated setup required.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Nora Kovacek

The most legit thing I've ever gotten off here. My only complaint is that each game boots up at max volume every time. Not a problem for many games but for games like Crash Bandicoot Warped where the intro is quite loud, it does cause occasional problems. Ultimately, it is still a small complaint

Ronaldo Kemmer

for the price you're paying it's very worth it I was playing PSP games on it I highly recommend it

Nyasia Bahringer

received as a gift and I am in love with it! I will be attempting to add more games on it.

Madalyn Dare

Is a very awesome handheld for the price should’ve gotten a bigger memory card cause it has more games on it.

Dewitt Hyatt

So far great device works pretty well and seller was lightening fast to NY in 5 days